Individual services


Occupational Therapy Developmental assessment

60 - 90 mins

A 1-1.5 hour assessment using standardised and non standardised testing and observations to assess the child’s performance in functional skills (writing, drawing, scissors skills), and explore the foundational skills affecting their development, participation and performance; including:

  • Primitive reflex integration

  • Gross motor development

  • Fine Motor Development

  • Visual Perceptual Skills

  • Visual Motor Development

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Classroom Observations and Support

60 - 90 mins

The occupational therapist observes the child in class in order to assess and analyse their difficulties in context. They can then make recommendations to the teacher regarding appropriate strategies and support, train the child in use of appropriate strategies, and trial and assist implementation of strategies into the classroom.

This service can be provided as a one off service following initial assessment or an ongoing service.

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Sensory assessment

60 - 90 mins

This component of an assessment explores how a child is processing information through their senses and how it may be affecting their development, participation and performance. It uses a range of standardised assessment, parent questionnaire, parent and child reports and observations throughout a developmental assessment.

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Occupational Therapy - Individual Therapy

60 - 90 mins

Ongoing one-on-one therapy sessions are focused on developing the child's underlying foundational skills as identified in the assessment; as well as building strategies to increase participation and performance in everyday functional tasks that are difficult for the child.

A developmental assessment must have been conducted prior to receiving individual therapy in order to set individual goals specific to the child.

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School Contracted Services

Bright Minds Occupational Therapy is available to be contracted by individual public or private schools; through the use of funding grants and independent schools budget.

We currently service schools in Kwinana through the Chevron Smith Family Project, as well as providing a screening service at Charthouse Primary School.

We are contracted throughout the year by several schools in Kalgoorlie to provide screenings, ongoing support, and capacity building with staff.

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